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Dopo il no dei lavoratori al piano di ricapitalizzazione, non si vede ancora una soluzione per Alitalia. Sfumata l’ipotesi Lufthansa: la compagnia tedesca, che in molti avevano visto come la possibile ancora di salvezza, si è chiama fuori dai giochi. Mentre SanPaolo ha smentito di avere un piano B per la compagnia, a sfilarsi è stata anche Ferrovie dello Stato, tirata in ballo nell’ottica di un nuovo modello di integrazione tra trasporto aereo e di terra..

La notizia ha fatto il giro d anche considerando il fermento che c nel mondo televisivo con i piani che coinvolgono la stessa Sky, Disney e Fox. A commentare il patto Mediaset Sky stato il quotidiano francese Les Echos, interessato alla partita in quanto riguarda il gruppo Vivendi che aveva tentato l al Biscione, oltre a controllare l di Telecom. “Berlusconi patteggia con Murdoch per sfuggire a Vivendi” titola Les Echos parlando dell come “un nuovo colpo duro per Vivendi”, il colosso dei media guidato dall bretone Vincent Bollor gi “attaccato dal fondo (.) Elliott in Telecom Italia, societ di cui Vivendi azionista di riferimento”.

“Normally, when we think about history, we get single points of view. But what is great about this monologue project is that it opens the door to a wide variety of complex reactions. It shows there’s not just one way to react or one way to come back to normal.

And that is where this fight should be. But the bottom line is, it goes back to the dysfunction within the office. Had this executive order been written more cleanly, had the rollout gone better, had they made changes to it, we might not be where we are now, having a fight over what the role of the court is in this, because it wouldn’t have gotten there..

Rotational malalignment still accounts for an unacceptable number of failures in total knee arthroplasty (TKA). This paper presents a literature review of previously published papers describing rotational alignment of the distal femur and discussing different techniques in obtaining correct rotational alignment of the femoral component in TKA. Based on the published values, the following mean angular relationships between the rotation axes of the distal femur in the axial plane can be calculated: the posterior condylar line is on average 3 internally rotated relative to the surgical transepicondylar axis (TEA), 5 relative to the anatomical TEA and 4 relative to the perpendicular to the trochlear anteroposterior axis.

Promoted as ?democracy assistance,? their strategies included: grants to women?s organizations, exchanges and international meetings, collaboration on campaigns, and the publication of damning reports on the state failure to respond to violence against women. Based on a decade of research across Russia, the paper draws upon and speaks to the literature of transnational advocacy networks and social constructivism, critiques of foreign assistance and Western imperialism, and theories of the effectiveness of economic sanctions. Assessing not just legal reforms but also the impact on women?s mobilization and public awareness, the paper conclusion considers whether intervention is likely to transform the dominant structures of gender for differently situated women.

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