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Even Zidane’s presentation was a money maker, with TV channel Canal Plus reportedly paying 250m pesetas to screen it live, and the broadcaster delaying the ceremony an hour so it could be shown at prime time. The hundreds of local and international journalists present enjoyed “smoked salmon canapes” and “trays of wine, red and white,” according to the Independent’s correspondent. There was further confusion as Zidane only spoke in French, without any translation, and kept his statement characteristically short..

La carrellata di personaggi degna di Lewis Carroll e del suo Paese delle Meraviglie. Da Parzialmente Dave alla mosca sul naso di Franco, dalla grassa escrescenza su Eric Udente fino all muffo muffo. E il metodo lo stesso del creatore di Alice: accompagnare il “senso” fino ai suoi confini, utilizzare le parole come laboratori mobili per estrarre nuovi significati, come un campo da gioco.

Yes.And I want to go back to where you started this conversation, Judy, about the public and their frustration with the media, this idea about fake news, and who they trust and who they don’t.And as I watch the story unfold, I think I can understand where a lot of Americans get frustrated with this story. The president tweeted something out that clearly is completely unfounded, in the same way he tweeted out this statistic that there are three million to five million Americans who voted illegally, that the president wasn’t born in this country.And the news media’s job is to report that this is unfounded, we haven’t seen any evidence of this. But, every day, the question is presented to Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway, when it looks like in a way that the media’s trying to get a gotcha.

La sua stanza preferita? La cucina. E non perché sia una cuoca provetta, preparo piatti semplicissimi. Per me, sin da bambina, è stata un luogo di incontro, dove arrivava prima un amico, poi un altro e si faceva il caffè per tutti. This is the true story of a little girl growing up in a counter culture family who left California in the 1960s to live off grid and make a go of it in the Canadian wilderness. Unfortunately, the bulk of the story doesn resemble so much as . But when I managed to step out of that for a moment, it also made me stop and think about how many different kinds of families there are, and how many different kinds of childhoods, and how the same people could be capable of providing such a fantastic and wonderful childhood in some regards and such a terrible and broken childhood at the same time.

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