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O si fa la rivoluzione, diceva Ruffilli, o si fanno le riforme. Serviva riallacciare i fili di un discorso interrotto se non si voleva scommettere sulla crisi del sistema. Da dove ripartire? Ruffilli ricomincia dalla Costituzione italiana e si concentra sugli elementi che possono “portare a uno stato di accettabile coerenza”, come avrebbe detto il professor Vittorio Bachelet, gli istituti vecchi e nuovi..

There is also the fact that Kagawa has fallen out of favour somewhat with the national team. Coach Vahid Halilhodzic dropped the Kobe Kid for the November prestige friendlies against Brazil and Belgium, so he is no longer an automatic start for the Samurai Blue. As things stand, Kagawa should make the squad for Russia, but won’t be taking anything for granted..

This paper divided into three sections expands upon the work undertaken in “Ricerca sull’inchiesta della Congregazione dell’Indice”, which has examined the Codici Vaticani Latini, a collection which conserves around 9.500 lists of volumes owned by Italian monks and clerics at the end of the sixteenth century. Roberto Rusconi offers an introductory overview of the libraries of religious orders at the end of the sixteenth century. Giovanna Granata analyses the findings of the Inchiesta in terms of actual library holdings and in terms of the circulation of different editions.

It was easy to assume that Xolos would make some progress from its 14th place finish in the 2016 Clausura, but few would have guessed that the team would sit atop the league table after Week 4. Tijuana has scored 10 goals more than any other Liga MX side en route to nine points in four matches. Miguel “Piojo” Herrera’s men have simply looked superb during the first stages of the Apertura..

Dal 2004 ai 2014 le donne sono aumentate sia tra i dirigenti che tra i quadri e sono oggi il 38% degli occupati in posizioni manageriali, anche se continuano ad essere inquadrate in maggioranza come impiegate (58%). Il Salary Gap pi elevato si trova nel settore dei servizi, con la finanza in particolare, mentre nel settore di architettura arredamento le donne guadagnano in media pi degli uomini. In questi casi, tuttavia determinante la composizione occupazionale: la presenza femminile molto ristretta (non supera mai il 30%)..

The intensifying of such connections is, I think, one of the most fertile and exciting aspects of our present century. Brazil and the South Asian subcontinent are linked (as are so many other once supposedly peripheral lands), not as spokes off of hubs in New York, London, and Paris, but directly, to each other. This has always been the case.

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