May, 12nd - HELLSTORM want to thank METALITALIA.COM, EAGLE BOOKING, the staff and METAL MANIACS at MetalItalia Festival 2013. Great day of Great music!!!!

Mar, 25th - Confirmed Hellstorm's partecipation as headliner at DEAD WALK FESTIVAL. Other bands that will take part at the event are BLINDEATH, TRASH TRUCK, ICS, DEATHONATOR, WARGAME and REJECTED. Horns Up and Mosh to Death!!!

Mar, 05th - After only 3 months first edition of INTO THE MOUTH OF THE DEAD REIGN is sold out! The statement comes from Punishment18, the record company of the band.

Below Hypnos' words, guitarist and founding member of the band:

"We can be just happy and proud about this first target. It's not an arrival but a result that keep us thrashin' on! We would like to thank Corrado and Punishment18 staff that believed in us and of course everyone who support underground music and keep it alive. THANK YOU METAL HEADS. Horns Up!

Mar, 04th - Confirmed HELLSTORM's partecipation at METALITALIA FESIVAL 2013 at Live Club (Trezzo d'Adda - Milano) on May, 11st. URIAH HEEP and DESTRUCTION will be headliners of an awesome metal day! Click here for details!

Jan, 29th - HELLSTORM have confirmed the show at Colony Club, Travagliato (BS) as opening act of EXUMER on March, 09th 2013. Click here for details!

Jan, 17th - Page "Gallery" updated. Click Here to watch pictures of last events!

Jan, 02nd - Is finally available here HELLSTORM's show filmed at United Club (Turin, IT) on December 14th, 2012 with Tony "The Demolition Man" Dolan as very special guest on vocals. Check it Out!



Dec, 15th - Hellstorm filmed last night show at United Club (Turin, IT) with ULTRA-VIOLENCE and M:PIRE OF EVIL. Soon available on youtube.

Dec, 6th - HELLSTORM "Into the Mouth of the Dead Reign" Special on METAL AGGRESSION - K ROCK RADIO

Nov - Hellstorm proudly announce that their second album "INTO THE MOUTH OF THE DEAD REIGN", will be available in store and on web on NOVEMBER 26TH, 2012. This album is co-produced with Punishment 18 Records and recorded with A.D.S.R. of Carlo Meroni. Click here to listen the first single LOGAN (DR. FRANKENSTEIN).

Oct - The release date o f the new HELLSTORM’s album, extreme thrash from Milano, is coming closer. After the recent deal with Punishment 18 Records the band is proud to present “INTO THE MOUTH OF THE DEAD REIGN”, a concept album inspired by the four “Zombie’s Movies” of G.A. Romero. The attached artwork has been designed by Ares (Bass) and Hypnos (Guitar) and realized by Stefania Bellafronte.

Here's the tracklist:

01-Some Flowers in the Graveyard

02-Dead Walk

03-The Deepest Night


05-The Wicked Mirror

06-Into the Mouth of the Dead Reign

07-Logan (Dr. Frankenstein)

08-Golden Cage

09-Fast, Evil & Raging

10-Journey to North

Please find Below the scheduled dates:

Nov 24th – LISTENING PARTY at Elf's Inn Pub, Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

Dec 08th – RELEASE PARTY, King's Cross, Varese

Dec 14th – United Club, Torino (Opening Act per MPIRE OF EVIL)

Dec 23rd – Blue Rose Saloon, Bresso (MI)


Jul - Hellstorm finished to record and mix their second album. The release is scheduled for next autumn. As stated from the band, “Into the Mouth of the Dead Reign” will be one of the most violent and obscure production of their carreer.

Jun - Hellstorm proudly announce the sign of their first record deal with PUNISHMENT18 RECORDS. They found an agreement about print, distribution and promotion of the second full lenght of the band. Both side are satisfied!

Mar/Apr - The recording session of second Hellstorm's album has began. They chose A.D.S.R. and the Lands of Grey Studio as for their last production.

Feb, 14th - The release of Metal Brigade Radio compilation ITALIAN ASSAULT Part II is scheduled for February 23rd, 2012

Feb, 8th - The legendary Venom's cover of "Live like an Angel (Die Like a Devil)" is available on line!


July, 31st – HELLSTORM will be opening act of Helstar on September, 5th at Rock'n'Roll – Rho - MI

July, 1st – HELLSTORM will be opening act of HARD ROCK FEST 2011. A very impportant gig with many prestigious bands like Master, Mortuary Drape, Methedras, Detestor, Necromass and CORONER. Check out Live page for flyer and info.

June – HELLSTORM'S on Facebook. Check out the official page on the most famous social network!

April – HELLSTORM will be opening act of the Voivod's second Italian show at R'n'R Arena on May 7th. Check out Live page for flyer and info.

March – HELLSTORM will play at Carlito's Way in Retorbido (PV) supporting WHIPLASH. Check out Live page for flyer and info.

Jan – HELLSTORM and ONE DEAD SOUND AGENCY are proud to announce their new relationship for booking and mangment collaboration.










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